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Dental Doctors

Dental Dept.Head


Dr. Sujai Sukumaran

Qualified Bachelor of Dental Surgery , Dr. Sujai Sukumaran has been practicing Dentistry for the past 8 years in the following Routine extractions, Filling scaling and removable prosthesis, Removable and fixing orthodontist Restorative treatment, Surgical extraction of impacted teeth, Management of space infections Root canal treatment and Laser treatment.  Speaks English, Arabic, Hindi, Malayalam and Tamil languages .

Prosthodontist & Implantologist


Dr. Rahul Sharma

Dr. Rahul Sharma is a specialist in Prosthetic Dentistry and Dental Implantology. He provides his patients with exceptional care and personal attention. Dr. Sharma treats patients of all ages, though his primary focus is on treating adult patients who have complex dental problems and aesthetic concerns. He is well trained in rehabilitation of Geriatrics patients with fixed and removable dental prosthesis. Dr. Sharma graduated from Rajiv Gandhi University of health and science with a Bachelor’s Degree in Dentistry. In 2014, he earned his Master’s Degree in Prosthetic Dentistry. Further he pursued Certificate courses in Dental Implantology from Hong Kong university via coursera and Institute of Dental Excellence, International Congress of Oral Implantologists. He is the author of two books” Ceramics in dentistry” & “Dental Implant Biomaterials”and holds many national and international publications. In addition to this Dr. Sharma is an eminent speaker and dental educator. He maintains many positions, honors and affiliations including:

General Dentist


Dr. Haseena AbdulAziz

Ambitious, Qualified General Dentist with excellent organizational and interpersonal skills. Studied at KGF College of Dental Sciences from Rajiv Gandhi University, Bangalore, India. Skilled in routine Extractions, composite, GIC, amalgam restoration Fillings,. Rootcanal treatment. Complete, Removable and fixed partial dentures. Oral prophylaxis, Bleaching(whitening of teeth) and surgical extractions. ,