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Dar Al Shifa is an extraordinary commitment to delivering the highest levels of clinical quality and providing the best possible standards of personalized care to its patients. “Bringing Wellness to your homes” … is the motto we live by. ‘Dar Al Shifa’ translates to ‘House of Healing’, Our mission statement expresses our commitment to putting patients at the heart of all we do. Faithful to our tradition, we provide the highest possible standard of care and treatment in a professional and compassionate manner to every person who avails of our services”

Our Mission is:

• To build a first class patient focused service based on high quality and evidence based practice through out the organization.

• To provide this service as close to the patient as possible, in a well-managed and appropriate environment.

• To promote a culture that will:

Ensure high quality care/service is provided.
Ensure that decisions regarding delivery of care/service are patient focused and evidence based.
Support and invest in education and training, thereby promoting the continuous development of the workforce in order to maximize the potential of staff at all levels


Dar Al Shifa Medical Centre is committed to enhancing the quality of life of our patients by providing high quality, cost efficient, multi-disciplinary medical services, delivered with a personal touch. We approach clinical quality by focusing on structures, processes and outcomes of care. Superior clinical outcomes (or end results) can only be achieved through infrastructure of a high standard and care processes that are sophisticated, reliable
and internationally tested against international standards.

We at Dar Al Shifa
Continuously improve all our services through quality management
Focus on our patients and deliver high quality service
Involve all our partners in our quality improvement activities
Empower employees to make appropriate decisions
Have the highest degree of respect for one another and value diversity
Recognize and reward employees’ contributions
Maintain the highest ethical standards in protecting the public and the environment
Measure the effectiveness of our activities and monitor progress towards achieving our Vision