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Medical Director


Dr.Akbar Muhsin Al-Mohamed

Served as the Chief of Medical Staff, Salmaniya Medical Center, Ministry of Health, was also the Acting Dean, Chairman & Consultant and Head of, Department of Pediatrics,Assistant Dean, Academic Affairs College of Medicine & Medical Sciences Arabian Gulf University, Bahrain. He Has been a Visiting professor At Department of Child Health, University of Missouri Hospitals & Clinics, Columbia, Mo., USA.



Dr. Nazma. A. Habeeb

With over 28 years of expertise in:
With language fluency in Arabic, hindi, gujarati, urdu, english

→ Antenatal & Postpartum Care.

→ High risk Pregnancy Management.

→ Implant removal.

→ Infertility treatment.

→ Managing Gynaecological problems such as discharges, prolapse uterus,    ovarian cyst, fibroid uterus, bartholin cyst etc.

→ Contraception planning.

→ Menopause related planning.

→ Gynaecologic Cancer screening.

→ Vaccinations.

Specialist ENT


Dr. Vinod Kumar

Dr. Vinod Kumar has an extensive experience as an ENT surgeon with an experience of 20 years + practiced in India, Saudi Arabia and presently in Bahrain. He has worked as a professor in Kannur Medical College(India). He worked as an ENT specialist in Saudi-Riyadh for 5 Years. Dr. Vinod started practising in 1989.