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Medical Director


Dr.Akbar Muhsin Al-Mohamed

Served as the Chief of Medical Staff, Salmaniya Medical Center, Ministry of Health, was also the Acting Dean, Chairman & Consultant and Head of, Department of Pediatrics,Assistant Dean, Academic Affairs College of Medicine & Medical Sciences Arabian Gulf University, Bahrain. He Has been a Visiting professor At Department of Child Health, University of Missouri Hospitals & Clinics, Columbia, Mo., USA.



Dr. Nazma. A. Habeeb

With over 28 years of expertise in:
With language fluency in Arabic, hindi, gujarati, urdu, english

→ Antenatal & Postpartum Care.

→ High risk Pregnancy Management.

→ Implant removal.

→ Infertility treatment.

→ Managing Gynaecological problems such as discharges, prolapse uterus,    ovarian cyst, fibroid uterus, bartholin cyst etc.

→ Contraception planning.

→ Menopause related planning.

→ Gynaecologic Cancer screening.

→ Vaccinations.

Specialist Radiologyist



Over 32 Years Experienced Doctor in India, Saudi Arabia as well as Bahrain, Completed Bachelor of Medicine and Bachelor of Surgery from Medical College Alleppey, India in 1975 and  Doctor of Medicine in Radiology, from Medical College, India passed in 1985. Special Skills in USG Scans Abdomen- Kidney, Liver, Pancreas etc,  Pregnancy Screening, Blood Vessels, Uterus Urinary Bladder, Prostate, Any Mass (Tumors in abdomen), Neck Swelling-Thyroid etc.,Soft Tissue Tumors Languages Spoke English, Arabic, Hindi, Malayalam and Tamil.

Specialist ENT


Dr. Vinod Kumar

Dr. Vinod Kumar has an extensive experience as an ENT surgeon with an experience of 20 years + practiced in India, Saudi Arabia and presently in Bahrain. He has worked as a professor in Kannur Medical College(India). He worked as an ENT specialist in Saudi-Riyadh for 5 Years. Dr. Vinod started practising in 1989.